Hi Everyone! Have you ever missed seeing a pothole? Have heard a big blonk when driving?Have you ever bounced ski high when driving?Then you hear kerplunk?Then you see your tire rim go down the street? We're yelling to our neighbor Tom "pothole, pothole!!"Tom yells back it's only a little "hole!" Oh My Gosh!!!! Where did … Continue reading Pothole


Hi Everyone! Nins: Hope you totally misread the sign!! When are you going to get new glasses? Is there a full moon tonight? All this happened on our street this morning! OOPS!! What a Glitch? Have a great day! HopeClip Art & Photo from Bing.comGlitch word from M-W's Word of the DayWord Definition from Merriam-Webster … Continue reading Glitch

Daily Prompt: Guilty

Guilty  Hi Everyone! Are you the one that over feed this flower? Guilty Are you the one that did not water this flower for a week? Not-guilty Are you the one that stepped on this flower on purpose? Guilty as charged. WAIT! Not guilty! What? How can you say that? Someone covered it with a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Guilty

Daily Prompt: Gremlins

Gremlins Happy Thanksgiving! Hi Everyone! Hope: What do you mean there are gremlins? Abby:You haven't noticed them?  Hope:Uh oh! I just saw one. So now what do I do? Abby: I have no idea! Hope:What do you mean you have no idea!!!! Abby: You could take a picture so everyone you tell about your gremlins, they … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Gremlins

Daily Prompt: Focused

Focused Hi Everyone! Have you ever had one of those days where you keep trying to focus on what you have to do? Focused? What? Say that again. Focused!! That's the best clarity I can get with such an old black and white photo. Me: I definitely need new glasses. Abby: What's wrong with them? … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Focused

Daily Prompt: Planet

Planet Hi Everyone! Abby: Have you seen Nins today? Me: No. I did see her yesterday. Abby: She's from another planet. Me: Ah! You mean she acts like she's from another plant, right? Abby: NO! She is from another planet. I'm not kidding you. I happen to see her in a mirror and she actually … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Planet

Daily Prompt: Distant

Distant  Hello! Hello! Everyone! All the bloggers I know are quite a distant away from where I live. In miles we are distant but blogging keeps us close! How distant are you from your relatives? What is the distant from your home to work?  Have you ever known someone that all of a sudden became … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Distant

Daily Prompt: Blur

Daily Prompt: Blur  Hi everyone! Hope all is well! So what is going on today? Well my eyes are blurry right now. Of course it might help if I cleaned my glasses. AHHHH!!!! Much better. If you wear glasses and your sight is blurry, try cleaning your glasses like I did. Lately when the days … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Blur