Hi Everyone! First question: How are you today?Second question: Are you working on your garden?Third question: What are you planting this year?Fourth question: Do you think the sun will ever come out?Fifth question: Did you get a new garden gnome? Have a great day! HopeClip Art from Bing.comPhoto of Ekaterina Guseva statue at Pinterest.comQuiz word … Continue reading Quiz

Hello? Hello? Hello? Are You There?

Hi Everyone, Just wondering if you are out there reading my blog(s)? Are you too busy chasing the rabbits away from your garden? Are you running around picking up pumpkins, squashes, etc for Halloween? Are you busy writing your Christmas gift list? Are you organizing guest list, menu list, dessert list for your festive Thanksgiving … Continue reading Hello? Hello? Hello? Are You There?

Daily Prompt: Retrospective

Retrospective  Hi Everyone! Have you retrospective anything lately? My garden from 1990 My skate board from 2000 My last brain work out yesterday.  My mom and her sister bathing suits from (they asked me not to mention the year).  Have a great day! Hope Assistance from: Bing.com The Free Dictionary.com

Daily Prompt: Restart

Restart Hi Everyone! Are you ready to restart a new week? Did you restart your battery on your alarm clock? Restarting your garden plans? Is your metabolism restarted this morning? I forgot my pass, now I have to go home, then restart my day all over again. Ready, set and restart your movements for the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Restart

Daily Prompt: Tailor

Tailor  By any chance do you have your clothes tailored? Wow! Your tailor does a fabulous job! By any chance do you have your hair tailored to the style of the decade? Wow! The color of all your rooms seem to match the color of your garden flowers. Wow! Your kitchen matches your vegetable garden. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tailor

Daily Prompt: Roots

Roots  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Let's get down to the root of what is causing this riff among us! ME: Nins what time do you want to go get our roots done today?  NINS: How about 1:00 PM? This way we can go out for dinner afterwards. ME: Sounds good to me. What … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Roots

Daily Prompt: Parlay

Daily Prompt: Parlay Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Parlay in casinos  Parlaying at car race tracks   Parlay between pirates   Parlaying at fight events Parlaying at horse race tracks WOW! Look what Nin did. She parlayed her gardening ideas with a couple of hundred dollars and ta da - she's gardening queen for our … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Parlay

Daily Prompt: Relax

Daily Prompt: Relax  Hi everyone. Hope all is well. Ahhh! What a day at work. I think I'll relax before dinner. Before you know it, morning has arrived. Ahhh! Great day to go fishing. Relax and watch the fish go by my lure. Come home all the time and say the "big" one got away. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Relax