Word Salad Bar – Pink

I can't believe what I am seeing!It just can't be,A pink mansion, no it 's the glass in my sunglasses, Sunglasses off. Oh my gosh! It is a pink mansion.As we walk inside and before my eyes I see,a pink elephant here, below an indoor pink window with a unique bubble design, turn my head … Continue reading Word Salad Bar – Pink

RDP: Cook

Hi Everyone,Β  Are you ready to cook???? Abby, Mabel: Hey Hope what are you cooking or should we say trying to cook. Hope: You two (2) are so, so, so funny! I'm trying something new and am going to test it on both of you. Abby, Mabel: We don't think so. Is this going to … Continue reading RDP: Cook

Daily Prompt: Tea

Tea Hello Everyone! ME: How about some tea? PEGS: What flavors do you have? ME: Same ones as last time? PEGS: Ha! Ha! Yes I know, but I thought you might have something new. ME: Nothing new Β - wait I did pick up a new one! Green tea, orange peel, Jasmine tea. ME: Do you … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tea