RDP: Pet

Hi Everyone!ย  Our pet is a domestic short hair cat, orange, peach colors. His name is Milo, He reminds me of Garfield, The way he walks across my keyboard or in front of my monitor, The way he eats, The foods he wants to eat, The foods he puts his nose up at, Sometimes he … Continue reading RDP: Pet

Hello “A LA Carte”!

Hi everyone!ย  Have you ever wondered what "A La Carte" means? It took me awhile of the true meaning before the light bulb went on for me. It's not the way a food is cooked. It's not the way a food is served. It's not a specific menu of special foods. Some people don't realize … Continue reading Hello “A LA Carte”!

Daily Prompt: Spicy

Spicy Hello Everyone! Spicy! What a word - wouldn't you say? It can refer to: the wayย a person seasons their food, a person that feels the heat when a food is too spicy for them, a person's spicy scent, fromย cologne, perfume, after shave, etc.ย  did you know there was an HBO series call Spicy City? … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Spicy

Daily Prompt: Purple

dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/purpleย  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Purple a color Purple used in song by Prince - Purple Rain Purple is used in names of products, foods,ย ย and of course flowers.ย And of course many, many other things in the world.ย  According to Thoughtco.com it's a warm, cool, royalty color, worn by kings, priests and ladies. Have … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Purple