Hello Everyone! Hope: On boy! Here comes my favorite "nudnik"! I can't hide, she knows this is my research-blog info day. Nins: Hope I know you're home. I heard you moving around. I have some great information to tell and show today. It's so exciting. Hope: Hang in there Nins, I'm coming, trying to get … Continue reading Nudnik

New by Discover Prompts

Hello Everyone! New Spring sounds robins are here, geese partners are here, New Spring knit challenge to undo the unfinished blanket and give it a new design. New Spring sounds you hear soil moving as the crocus, daffodils, and soon to be tulips are popping up, New ideas popping all over the world to help … Continue reading New by Discover Prompts


Hi Everyone! I believe most people think "intoxicate" means people are on highs from alcohol or drugs. Me I think of "intoxicate" as feelings, scents, smells, adventures;love,friendships,scent of blooming flowers in the Spring,scent of ocean, sea, river, scent of fresh baked pie,scent of new perfume,riding in air balloon,the hunch you felt was true,reading a fantastic … Continue reading Intoxicate

Hello Light! Hello Dark!

Hi Everyone! What do you like the best light (daylight) or dark (nightlight) skies? For me it's a tough question. Light gives me energy, Light gives me strength, Light gives me hope for a new day, Light gives me comprehension for the day,  Light gives me a warm feeling when when the flowers start to … Continue reading Hello Light! Hello Dark!

Daily Prompt: Guilty

Guilty  Hi Everyone! Are you the one that over feed this flower? Guilty Are you the one that did not water this flower for a week? Not-guilty Are you the one that stepped on this flower on purpose? Guilty as charged. WAIT! Not guilty! What? How can you say that? Someone covered it with a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Guilty

Daily Prompt: Harmonize

Harmonize  Hello Everyone! Today is a beautiful day to harmonize with nature,  Harmonize with friends sitting on your front porch swing,  Harmonize with the buzzing of the bees while they are pollinating the flowers and vegetables, Talking with relatives far away over the phone. Both of you harmonizing with laughter and song. What harmonizing will … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Harmonize

Daily Prompt: Bumble

Bumble  Let me see "bumble" the only thing I can think of is "Bumble Bee". I know we need "bumble" bees to pollinate flowers, fruits, vegetables, and of course honey. For me just as long as the "BB" is a hundred miles away from me I'm find. (this also includes hornets). It seems when I'm … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bumble

Daily Prompt: Blanket

Blanket Hi everyone! Hope all is well this first day of May, 2017. Today in Chicago, IL USA at 9:30 AM we have a blanket of sun! When you go skiing do you check to see if they have had a fresh blanket of snow when you get there? April showers brings a blanket of … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Blanket

Daily Prompt: Pleased

Pleased Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Were you pleased with the service we had for dinner?  You have a pleased look on your face with the flowers you just received. Are your mom and dad pleased with the grades you received last quarter?  WOW! I am so pleased with the picture you painted for … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Pleased

Daily Prompt: Denial

Denial  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. ME: Did you hear what Mable said?  NINS: Sure did! Can't believe she denied crashing their car in the garage. ME: If she didn't do it, who did she say did it? NINS: The name I heard was Neil, her nephew was visiting the week of the accident. … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Denial