Hi Everyone! What is your favorite "buzzword" to use? Makeup products may use organic, natural, Vegan,Foods may use organic, natural,Flavors may use both natural and organic, Household products use "eco-friendly", natural, green. Me I use "bonkers" to describe myself. Bonkers is a nice way of saying your crazy, mad. I might say I'm "bonkers" for … Continue reading Buzzword

Tea Time

Hi Everyone! Did you know there are 1,500 types of tea. There are four (4) main categories of tea; green tea; black tea; white tea; ooloog tea.Reference: How many flavors of tea are out there? Lots, lots, lots!Earl Grey, Mindful Morning (cream Earl Grey) by Plum Deluxe, Chamomile Cuddletime Tea, Chai, Apple, Jasmine, rose, … Continue reading Tea Time

Daily Prompt: Tea

Tea Hello Everyone! ME: How about some tea? PEGS: What flavors do you have? ME: Same ones as last time? PEGS: Ha! Ha! Yes I know, but I thought you might have something new. ME: Nothing new ย - wait I did pick up a new one! Green tea, orange peel, Jasmine tea. ME: Do you … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tea