Daily Prompt: Educate and Elevate

ย Educateย Elevate Hi Everyone! Now a days, there's no more reading, writing or arithmetic. Now you have reading, writing, science, history, art, music. To educate children they also have a choice of projects to be involved. Education is very, very important. If you want to get ahead in this world, you need education starting with kindergarten, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Educate and Elevate

Daily Prompt: Moxie

Moxie Hello Everyone! Do you have moxie?ย  What is moxie? Well let me tell you - you are full of energy, pep, courage, determination, know-how, and much, much, much, much more! So there! Did you ever bite your tongue before you said something to someone? Now if you said no, I would have to say, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Moxie

Daily Prompt: Criticize

Daily Prompt: Criticizeย  Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. Criticize - have you ever been a critic of movies, art, theater, fashion designs? Have people agreed with you or have they "criticized" YOU? Do you like being criticized? When you criticize others do you do it with respect? Do you criticize them to the point … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Criticize