Daily Prompt: Permit

Permit Hi Everyone! Do you have a permit to park in that space? Can I see your family's swimming permits? Did you get permission to cut Mrs. Smith's grass? Hey! Wait a minute. You need a permit to replace those windows. Did you hear what it cost for the renovation of the old garden fence … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Permit

Daily Prompt: Thorny

Thorny Hi Everyone! WATCH OUT! The rosy area is full of thorns, from tiny to huge! You know you're a thorn in my side at times. Have you every had a prickly pear! It has tiny thorns on it but once you peel them they are sweet especially the red ones. Me: They're at it … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Thorny

Daily Prompt: Brassy

BrassyΒ  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Brassy can also be spelled as brassie, I didn't know that. Did you know that? Wow! Did you hear the brass section of the new orchestra? ME: She sure is brassy with people. NINS: She will never receive any type of good tips from her customers. She should be more like … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Brassy