Hi Everyone! What the heck? Let me break up the word:Mal = bad or badly,Apert = open, honest, Put them both together you get "malapert" = a bold or impudent person. In other words someone who is "open" or "honest" in a bad way. Do you know anyone that is like that?If you said no, … Continue reading Malapert


Hi Everyone! My neighbor is a "cruciverbalist". On the weekends his whole family is involved. Unbelievable how they test each other. They invited us over one time. Great people and good sports about being a "cruciverbalist". They explained to us what we have to look for and then decieve if that is the correct spelling, … Continue reading Cruciverbalists

Hello “A LA Carte”!

Hi everyone!  Have you ever wondered what "A La Carte" means? It took me awhile of the true meaning before the light bulb went on for me. It's not the way a food is cooked. It's not the way a food is served. It's not a specific menu of special foods. Some people don't realize … Continue reading Hello “A LA Carte”!

Daily Prompt: Branch

Branch Hi Everyone, Branch for Valentine Hearts, Branches to sit under, Branches for family tree, Branches with unusual leaves,  Branch used for swing, bird house, ladder for tree house. Have a great day! Hope Clip Art From

Daily Prompt: Sympathy

Sympathy Hi Everyone! Have you ever met a person that didn't have any compassion when someone; gets injured, heart crushed by a loved one,  lose someone that has been sick, in an accident, killed, murdered, lost in the line of duty? I have and it's sad the way they act. And what's even worse is … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Sympathy

Daily Prompt: Passenger

Passenger  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Wow! Can you believe it's July already? Will be celebrating the 4th of July here in the USA. Tons of food, fireworks, celebrating with relatives and friends. Have you ever been a passenger on the love train? Everyday I'm a passenger on a bus to go to work. All aboard says … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Passenger

Daily Prompt: Calm

Daily Prompt: Calm  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Calm is a great word for the holidays. We get so stressed out on what to give each other. Will they like the color?  Will they like the style?  Will it fit?  Will they say they "love it"? And then you find out they gave it … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Calm

Daily Prompt: Folly

Daily Prompt: Folly Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Watch out for that new guy he always "folly" around the coffee area and you can't even get coffee, hot water for your tea or instant oatmeal. Is it the "folly" time of year for some people? Do you know someone that is a "folly" (pain) … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Folly

Daily Prompt: Abide

Daily Prompt: Abide  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Hmmm! We all have a lot to put up in this world. Over the years we learn to accept what happens to us, our family, friends, neighbors.  We endure what happens, is it fair? No! But you know what - think positive! The dictionary has "abide" as withstand … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Abide

Daily Prompt: Treasure

Daily Prompt: Treasure Hi Everyone! Hope all is well. WOW! What is your Treasure? You might say money,  You might say property, You might say friends & neighbors, You might say my dolls from younger years,  You might say family, You might say pictures you have both past & current, You might say love,  I … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Treasure