Hi Everyone! Here's something that opened my eyes this morning while searching for something unusual. I believe I found it. The FarmThe Vegetable Garden With Donkey Lunar BirdLadders cross the blue sky in a wheel of fire Garden 2 I hope you took plenty of pictures with the above artwork by Joan Miro. Joan Miro … Continue reading Biomorph

Daily Prompt: Gray

Gray Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Happy Friday!  Gray or Grey - that is the question? They both have the same meanings: of the color, gray tending toward gray, blue-gray eyes, dull in color having the hair gray: hoary clothed in gray lacking cheer or brightness in mood, outlook, style, or flavor;also : dismal, gloomy a gray day  prosaically ordinary:  dull, uninteresting the boring, gray dullness … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Gray