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Daily Prompt: Crisp


Hello! Hello! Everyone!

Dogwood Dogwoood – durability

Today the weather is crisp and sharp! Enjoy it before the heat comes.

Have you every had a “honeycrisp” apple? They are delicious.

Have you ever made an “apple crisp”? apple crisp

WOW! My sheets smell and feel so crisp after hanging them out in the yard.

  • ME: Make sure you iron your sleeves very carefully, you want them to stand out, crisp to the touch! Watch out!
  • NINS: Sorry I was trying to watch the new neighbors moving in next door.
  • ME: Yes I can see that.
  • NINS: Hey not too bad! That iron mark looks cute, with the little holes going around. 
  • ME: Okay then, why don’t you turn your iron around then match up where the other holes end. Then you will have a complete circle.
  • NINS: Let’s not carried away!



Did you taste the brittle Mable made? It’s so smooth and tons of pecans.

I love that song! It’s so crisp and keeps you moving. Good tune to exercise with.

 Have a great day! HERS 


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Daily Prompt: Overworked

Daily Prompt: Overworked png_girl_wind_surfing_cartoon

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

christmas-tree12Did you overwork yourself during the holidays with cleaning, cooking, png_piping-bag-cartoon-character-vector-clip-art-imagebaking, present shopping, gift wrapping, etc?

Okay are you ready? One, two, three, breath in. Four relax. Again one, two, three breath in. Four relax. images-glove-in-frontWOW! I feel overworked already with just learning how to breath when you exercise. 

STOP! Your pie crust will crack like crazy now! Why! It’s overworked. png_cute-pilgrim-turkey-bird-cartoon-character-holding-a-pie-vector-illustration-isolated-on-whiteYou have to start over again. Just a secret between you and me I have never, ever been able to make a good pie crust.

gif_tm140_realtorsI’m so overworked right now, I kicked off my shoes, put my feet up, sat back in my chair, it’s time to take a break!

Have a great day! HERS red heels

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