Hi Everyone! Love! What is love? Strong feeling of affection for another person Strong feeling of affection for an animal Watching a beautiful sunset with someone you love Walking down a path along the beach, holding hands Letting go of someone you love A word used in songs, poems, books, movies and much more. Have … Continue reading Love

What I Like?

Hi Everyone! What I like; Daisies. Most people may say roses, but to me they remind me of a wake Fresh Air. Of course when you live in a city the air is not as fresh like forest air Colorful items; clothes socks, don't forget the crazy designs furniture sheets, pillow cases, blankets,  front, dining, … Continue reading What I Like?

✏Why Do I Write?🖋

Hi Everyone! Have you ever wondered why you write? For me I was always interested in blogging. Never had a clue how to do it. So many questions my head was spinning! Where to go to find assistance? How do I set up a blog? Do I need my own website? Are sites already set … Continue reading ✏Why Do I Write?🖋