Have you ever?

Hi Everyone! Have you ever heard of the Narwhal whale? I remember seeing a photo of them eons ago. Just came across one today. Let's see if your memory from eons ago recognizes this fantastic, unusual whale. Narwhal are a little strange looking wouldn't you say?They are known as "unicorns" of the sea.Their predators are … Continue reading Have you ever?


Hello Everyone! "Courage to know yourself" Do I know myself? After eons of living, I have gained "courage" to know my myself, learned to love myself. No I am not conceded. It took a lot of "courage" to know what I'm all about. Have a great day! HopeCourage word found on Actspot.wordpress.comClip Art from Bing.com

Daily Prompt: Inchoate

Inchoate Hi Everyone! In the beginning  egg or chicken? This has been a very, very, very, long, long, long discussion for eons. Did anyone come up with an answer yet? Yes No If you know the answer please let me know. Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com Definition assistance from … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Inchoate

Daily Prompt: Identity

Identity Hi Everyone! What does identity mean to you? Picture of you (it's me! The one and only!)  Drivers license to prove our are approved to drive (not that you know how to drive) Peculiar in your ways (Yes I am) Unique, you enter a room throw up your arms and announce "here I am … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Identity

Daily Prompt: Carousel

Carousel Hello! Hello! Everyone! Carousel what a happy word. It brings back happy memories when I was a child. How long ago was I a child? A few eons ago - I'm seventy (70) looking forward to a couple of more eons. I remember riding one at Riverview Park, which has been gone for years … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Carousel

Daily Prompt: Bury

Bury PEGS: Have HOPE & NINS buried the hatchet yet? GRACIE: Nope! I think their are up to hatchet number 3. PEGS: What the heck is their problem? They have been friends for eons. GRACIE:  They are both stubborn. HOPE is like a mule, NINS is like a jackass! Both PEGS & GRACIE can't stop … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bury