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Hi Everyone!

My neighbor is a “cruciverbalist”. On the weekends his whole family is involved. Unbelievable how they test each other.

They invited us over one time. Great people and good sports about being a “cruciverbalist”. They explained to us what we have to look for and then decieve if that is the correct spelling, number of letters, will this work well with the other words going across and down.

We now have monthly challenges. I really have to thank my neighbors for learning something new, creative, mind boggingly, entertaining.
Thank you neighbors for showing us the meaning of crossword puzzles, how to challenge others with words.

So what the heck is a “cruciverbalist”?
Creators of

Back in the beginning the puzzles were called “word crosses” and their creators because known as “cruciverbalist”.
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Have a great day! Hope

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Crossword Puzzle Day December 21st for more information go to National Day

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Hi Everyone!

Abby: Attention! Attention! Everyone! You recieved a copy of how the dinner dishware, silverware, glassware should be set by each person. There are no if’s, and’s or but’s. Do you understand? If not you can leave now.

Hope to Dot, Nins & Mabel: Okay girls this is serious to Abby! The queen is coming so everyone has to be on their toes. Come to think about it include your fingers, eyes, ears, mouth, dress, pants, socks.

Mabel: Watch it!! Here comes the “general”!!!!
undefinedDot: Steam! Steam!
Nins: Where?
Hope: Abby’s ears.
Dot: Can someone tell me what “queen” is coming?
Nins: Her new neighbor. Her nickname is “Queenie”. Abby calls her “queen” instead.

Abby: Attention girls here’s the menu you will be serving.
Hope: Abby you never said anything about serving. We all have plans for tonight.
Abby: And what may that be?
Hope: We are going to see the new movie “Godzilla” King of Monsters!

Have a great day! Hope
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