Hi Everyone! How's it going in your world? My world right now is full of enigmas!!!! Snow today? Who said that? The start of my enigma!Only one inch! Your mystery solved.Oh My Gosh! I thought it was only going to be one inch. Ahh! I know have a second enigma.So how many inches do we … Continue reading Mystery

Daily Prompt: Conundrum

Daily Prompt: Conundrum Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Yikes! I'm having a conundrum right now! Who is the "Enigma" conundrum for "Batman" Arkham City? What is "Enigma" real character name? What is "Enigma" work name? That is all the conundrum I can handle for today. Have a great day! HERS  Pictures from & Graphics … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Conundrum