Hello Light! Hello Dark!

Hi Everyone! What do you like the best light (daylight) or dark (nightlight) skies? For me it's a tough question. Light gives me energy, Light gives me strength, Light gives me hope for a new day, Light gives me comprehension for the day,  Light gives me a warm feeling when when the flowers start to … Continue reading Hello Light! Hello Dark!

Daily Prompt: Athletic

Athletic Hi Everyone! Are you full of energy today? Powering up for your game today? Stretching you muscles? Testing your bat? Testing the bowling lanes? Testing the field? Hope is checking that the tennis net is at the correct height! Abby is checking the height of the ping pong net!She plays a mean game.   Spiking … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Athletic

Daily Prompt: Moxie

Moxie Hello Everyone! Do you have moxie?  What is moxie? Well let me tell you - you are full of energy, pep, courage, determination, know-how, and much, much, much, much more! So there! Did you ever bite your tongue before you said something to someone? Now if you said no, I would have to say, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Moxie

Daily Prompt: Bury

Bury PEGS: Have HOPE & NINS buried the hatchet yet? GRACIE: Nope! I think their are up to hatchet number 3. PEGS: What the heck is their problem? They have been friends for eons. GRACIE:  They are both stubborn. HOPE is like a mule, NINS is like a jackass! Both PEGS & GRACIE can't stop … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bury