🥞 What? – Breakfast Verbs 🍳

Hi Everyone! Interesting verbs to eat at breakfast:Egg PancakeWaffleJelly/JamHamButterSugarCreamToastFritterHash BrownsGritJuice Have a great day! HopeWords from Merriam-Webster Dictionary.comMore information on food items above go to https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/breakfast-foods-that-are-verbs/juice Wait a minute! How did Willy Wonka get into the blog? Whoops! I should have put him by the sugar. Sorry about that!!

Daily Prompt: Inchoate

Inchoate Hi Everyone! In the beginning  egg or chicken? This has been a very, very, very, long, long, long discussion for eons. Did anyone come up with an answer yet? Yes No If you know the answer please let me know. Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com Definition assistance from … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Inchoate

Daily Prompt: Egg

Egg  Hi Everyone! ME: Everyone is looking at me. Do I have egg on my face?  ABBY: In more ways than one! ME: What do you mean?  ABBY: Let's just say it's what you're wearing. ME: Wearing? ABBY: Did you look in the mirror before you ran out the door this morning? ME: No! But … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Egg

Daily Prompt: Percolate

Daily Prompt: Percolate Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Percolate is an old, old, old, word about coffee brewing. I don't even know if they make that kind of coffee maker anymore. When I was younger about an eon ago my mom used to make egg coffee for company. Reason was back then it was … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Percolate