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Hello Everyone!

Hope: Mabel I have a question for you.
Mabel: No problem! What’s up?
Hope: Do you ever feel like your brain is like a sieve?
Mabel: Are you kidding me? No way! I can remember what I ate for breakfast when I was ten years old.
Hope: What a hypermnesia memory you have?
Mabel: That morning I woke up, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, then went to the kitchen and my mom was cooking – etc, etc, etc.
Hope: Okay Mabel. I got the idea.

Have a great day! Hope
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Panka lunker size!Hello Everyone!

Look at the beanstalk Jack grew! It sure is a lunker.

Hi Insectosaurus! How you doing? Haven’t seen you in awhile. I see you have had a lunker change.
What did you say?

They now call me Butterflyosaurus!

You’re still my best friend. And a beautiful lunker that flies.

Have a lunker day! Hope
Lunker word & definition from
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Insectosaurus & Butterflyosaurus from Monsters vs. Aliens movie
information from Dreamworks

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Hello Everyone!

Hey! Wait a minute! Wear did they put it? Let me go down this aisle. No not there. Let me try the aisle in the hardware department. No not there. I’m getting muzzed.
Okay, okay, let me think. Hmm! Now this is getting ridiculous!
Come on head, straighten up, take ten (10) deep breaths and get some of that muzz out of my head.

Found it!!!! Don’t you just love stores that keep changing their aisles around? What use to be the cereal aisle, is now the spice and seasoning aisle.

Have a great day! Hope
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A la mode

Hello Everyone!

Hope: Hi Mabel! Since we going out for something, how about going for pie A la mode?
Mabel: I am ready to go where the sweetest desserts are topped with ice cream!!
Hope: OM Gosh!!! Look at all the choices!!!
Mabel: I’m on a sugar high already!!!!

Have a great day! Hope
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Hello Everyone!

NASA is calling all “Astrophiles” !!!! Are you an “Astrophiles”? Then it’s time for you to apply to NASA. They are starting to take applications.

Are you a “star sailor”? Then check out NASA!

Practice model

Are you sure the one below is the one?
Yes I’m sure!
Are you really, really sure?? The one above looks a lot smaller than the one below.
We are both sure this is the one!!!!

WOW! This one looks a lot, lot bigger than the other one!

Have a great day! Hope
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PS: The clip art to the left may look like a moon, but it is a chocolate chip cookie.

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Hello Everyone!

Hope: There goes Nins running around for volunteers.
Abby: What do you mean?
Hope: She handles the krewe for Mardi Gras, parades of all kinds. undefined
Abby: You have to be Kidding? Nins even handles our parade?
Hope: She sure does!! undefinedShe has handled our hat parade from the beginning.
Abby: Hope let’s take her out for dinner. All of us can make it a surprise for what she does for all the krewes she works on to give our town so many smiles.
Hope: Hey Abby! Who you gonna call?
Abby: Hope really! You should have been a krewe for the parade on Ghostbusters!!

Have a great day! Hope
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Who you gonna call? Written by Ray Parker Jr.
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Hello Everyone!

I bet you think chocolate-box is for candy only.

Chocolate-Box cottage located in the UK.
you may like this style of a Chocolate-Box cottage Shropshire UK.

I didn’t realize that each state in the U. S. A. has their own favorite candy for Valentine’s Day.

Represents other times of the year

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!!

Have a great day! Hope
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Chocolate-Box word & definition from & The Free

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Hello Everyone!

Mable: Please spell definiendum.

Hope: I think it starts with a “D”,
Mabel: You are correct,
Hope: “e”, “f”, “i”, “n”, “i” “e”. Oh my! Can I have a sip of water?

Mabel: Really, Hope. Okay here’s your sip of water.
Hope: Ready! “n”, “d”, “u”, “m”. Whew!!!!
Mabel: Now that you spelled the word, please pronounce and define the word.
Hope: Really? I spelled it correctly, why do I have to say it, plus give a definition?
Definiendum – in my own words; all of a sudden you decide to create a word. Your next step would be to define your fabulous new word.
I hope I got it straight!!!!

Have a great day! Hope
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