Hello Everyone! Are you going crazy/bonkers with staying in the house due to CV-19? Are you going from one room to another cleaning, washing, sweeping, vacuuming, etc? Are you dancing around to keep your body moving? Remember not to close if you have a partner. Remember be safe, wash your hands with soap and water … Continue reading Stir-Crazy


Hello! Welcome to the New Year of 2020! DreamChristmasGingerbread DancingWKD SharingDeliciousHello! Munsters!!Pink ElephantPurple PomegranateBumfazzled?Spring is comingVintageGallery of Bonkers Away Stuff Thank you for stopping by BonkersAway.blogHave a great year! HopeClip Art from


Everyone! Okay ladies I wnat to see how you move and make your gowns flounce around the room. Let's see a little move flounce Abby Come on girls keep those beads flouncing! Come on Mabel flounce your beads a little more. Have a great day! HopeClip Art from Bing.comFlounce from M-W's Word of the DayWord … Continue reading Flounce

Daily Prompt: Congregate

Congregate Hi Everyone! Congregate - what a word. I'm going to give it a try. Hope: Hi Dot! Did you see the seniors from Golden Acres congregate with the seniors from Rough Riders? Dot: No I didn't. When did it happen? Hope: Sunday 2/25/18 at 2 PM. It was an amazing sight. Dot: Did anything … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Congregate

Daily Prompt: Dancing

Dancing Hi Everyone! Do you like and/or love to dance? How about watching on TV? Hmm! How about going to a movie that is mainly dancing? Did you ever take dance lessons as a child? Me I would love to dance when I see others. They make it look so easy.ย  Me two (2) left … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Dancing

Daily Prompt: Impression

ย Impressionย  Hello! Hello! Does a unicorn make an impression for you? Do male superheros make more of an impression on you?ย  ย Do female superheros make more of an impression on you? What Star Wars Characterย made the most impression on you?ย  Who made the most impression on you for dancing contest?ย  ย What an impressive cake for … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Impression