Hello Everyone! Are you going crazy/bonkers with staying in the house due to CV-19? Are you going from one room to another cleaning, washing, sweeping, vacuuming, etc? Are you dancing around to keep your body moving? Remember not to close if you have a partner. Remember be safe, wash your hands with soap and water … Continue reading Stir-Crazy


Hello! Welcome to the New Year of 2020! DreamChristmasGingerbread DancingWKD SharingDeliciousHello! Munsters!!Pink ElephantPurple PomegranateBumfazzled?Spring is comingVintageGallery of Bonkers Away Stuff Thank you for stopping by BonkersAway.blogHave a great year! HopeClip Art from


Everyone! Okay ladies I wnat to see how you move and make your gowns flounce around the room. Let's see a little move flounce Abby Come on girls keep those beads flouncing! Come on Mabel flounce your beads a little more. Have a great day! HopeClip Art from Bing.comFlounce from M-W's Word of the DayWord … Continue reading Flounce

Daily Prompt: Congregate

Congregate Hi Everyone! Congregate - what a word. I'm going to give it a try. Hope: Hi Dot! Did you see the seniors from Golden Acres congregate with the seniors from Rough Riders? Dot: No I didn't. When did it happen? Hope: Sunday 2/25/18 at 2 PM. It was an amazing sight. Dot: Did anything … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Congregate

Daily Prompt: Dancing

Dancing Hi Everyone! Do you like and/or love to dance? How about watching on TV? Hmm! How about going to a movie that is mainly dancing? Did you ever take dance lessons as a child? Me I would love to dance when I see others. They make it look so easy.  Me two (2) left … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Dancing

Daily Prompt: Impression

 Impression  Hello! Hello! Does a unicorn make an impression for you? Do male superheros make more of an impression on you?   Do female superheros make more of an impression on you? What Star Wars Character made the most impression on you?  Who made the most impression on you for dancing contest?   What an impressive cake for … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Impression