Bored❓ 😊Try Decoupage 😊

Hi Everyone! Are you bored?Are you bored?Are you bored? YES!!!! Have you ever tried decoupage?What is decoupage?It's the art of decorating surfaces by applying cutouts.Sounds interesting. 3D Decoupage If you know someone who loves to sew.And if they are doing a lot of sewing of masks for others, this is a cute decoupage set to … Continue reading Bored❓ 😊Try Decoupage 😊


Hi Everyone! Come on everybody lets get tripping! Latin dancingGirls Night OutTap Tap tapJazz1-2-3 TwirlJitterbug Have a great day! HopeClip Art from Bing.comTripping and definition from What is the origin of tripping?The adjective tripping “light and quick, nimble” and, by extension, "proceeding with a light, easy movement or rhythm" is a derivative of the verb trip. The verb … Continue reading Tripping


Hi Everyone! Kinetic sand Kinetic roller coaster Kinetic air balloons mobile Dance, dance, dance! Now this is Kinetic movement!Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Bing.comKinetic word from M-W's Word of the DayDefinition from Merriam-Webster #kinetic #dance #m-w's word of the day #roller coaster #sand design #mobile #blogging blogger #merriam-webster dictionary #air balloons

Word of the Day: Waltzing

Hi Everyone! Do you know how to waltz?  Have you ever watched the ballroom dancers? Do you wish you could dance like them?  I could dance all night! This song from is from the musical My Fair Lady, with music written by Frederick Loewe and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, published in 1956. The song is sung by the musical's heroine, Eliza Doolittle, … Continue reading Word of the Day: Waltzing

Daily Prompt: Glimmer

Glimmer Hi Everyone! Glimmer, glimmer, glimmer, glimmer, glimmer! Glimmering fireworks!The Chef brought out a glimmering dish! She writes the not so glimmering reviews on Monday, Wednesday, Friday! He writes the best glimmering reviews on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday! Watch their glimmering foot work!She makes the best pizza in town. She always gets glimmering reviews. Have a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Glimmer

Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

Daily Prompt: Rhythmic Hi everyone! Hope all is well! Can you believe it's already March 6, 2017? Well let's get the rhythm going for this blog! Rhythm - dance Rhythm - singing Rhythm - running  Rhythm - jumping Rhythm - huddling Rhythm - music Rhythm - heartbeat Rhythm - tapping your feet, pencil, pen, brush, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Rhythmic