Daily Prompt: Gingerly

Gingerly  Hi Everyone! WOW! That couple is gingerly dancing around the new dance floor. Move it! Move it! Hey Instructor! Remember our age 100+ before we break something. Abby: Hope I swear you are part bloodhound.  Hope: What do you mean? Abby: You are always so strangely about things. Hope: Don't you think I'm more … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Gingerly

Daily Prompt: Tenacious

 Tenacious Hi everyone! Hope all is well. So what's up with you?  Have you been tenacious lately? What is your latest tenacious comment? Push! Push! Push! What the heck? This stuff is suppose to stick right away and the hook will stay there for 50 years.  It was so sad when I saw her holding … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tenacious