๐Ÿ“š 2021 March

Hi Everyone! Welcome to a new month & new adventures - ๐Ÿ““It's time to put your book or books aside. Get your notebook (lined or unlined) pen, pencil, chisel, stone, inkwell, out and start planning the month of March. Daffodils LeeksWales celebrates St. David's Day with traditional items, including Leeks. Be Smart - Wear a … Continue reading ๐Ÿ“š 2021 March


Hello Everyone! Jonquil is a flower, not to get mixed up with Daffodils. What's the difference you ask? Jonquil have rounded leaves, while Daffodils have wider flat leaves. Auntie Dogma's Jouquil Daffodil White Lion Double Blooming Jonquil a girl's name meaning reed. Jonquil represents the feeling of desire. Daffodil symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings. In … Continue reading Jonquil

Daily Prompt: Observe

Observe Hi Everyone! What have you observed lately? Observed a tree popping leaves after a long, long winter. Observed a new moon. Observed a crocus, daffodil, tulip opening for Spring. Observed duckling walking behind their mom. Observed all the people walking their animals since Spring has Sprung. Observed people yellingย  "Oh my gosh! Whey don't … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Observe

Daily Prompt: Typical

Typicalย  Hi Everyone! Today is Monday here in Chicago, IL USA. It's a typical gloomy day. Typical before Spring begins here on 3/20 (Spring Equinox).ย  Typical flowers are starting to pop up - Crocus, Daffodils. Typically I would go on and on and on BUT today I will give you a break. Have a great … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Typical