Hello Everyone! Jonquil is a flower, not to get mixed up with Daffodils. What's the difference you ask? Jonquil have rounded leaves, while Daffodils have wider flat leaves. Auntie Dogma's Jouquil Daffodil White Lion Double Blooming Jonquil a girl's name meaning reed. Jonquil represents the feeling of desire. Daffodil symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings. In … Continue reading Jonquil

Daily Prompt: Notable

Notable Hi Everyone! Notable US president Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865, Notable queen is Queen Elizabeth longest reigning monarch in British history, Notable invention phonograph, Notable invention internet, Notable invention bicycle, Notable animation studio Disney, Notable animation studio Pixar, Notable female writer Virginia Woolf, Notable male writer George Orwell. Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Notable