Hi Everyone! Is worth only about money? art work, gold bars, dollars, coins of value, cars with everything included, top of the line, famous names nobody else can effort, real estate, have a house everywhere you want to visit, New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, England, Paris, Brazil. Or is worth about love, … Continue reading Worth

Daily Prompt: Craft

Daily Prompt: Craft  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Okay are you ready? Craftsmen Craftswomen Craftspeople Sea Crafts  Space Crafts War Crafts Witch Craft Wood Craft  Water Craft Stage Craft Hovercraft Air Craft Camps Craft DIY Crafts Arts & Crafts  Paper Craft (scrapbooks) Have a great day! HERS  Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com Words … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Craft