Hello Everyone! How do you feel today? Happy, glad, spectacular, wow what a great day. or Do you feel "rowdy"? Interesting word? How many times have you used this word lately? Have you ever used this word?Now if you haven't even heard this word, you might of heard rambunctious. All I can say (write) is, … Continue reading Rowdy


Hi Everyone! I think I'll wrap myself up as a mummy! Hopefully this will keep me safe from COVID-19. Of course I will be the best wrapped mummy! Oh my gosh! I came out of my cocoon too soon!What can I do now? Hello Miss! Can you spin me a cocoon? Have a great day! … Continue reading Cocoon

America vs. COVID-19

Hello Everyone! To the people of the United States of AmericaThank You!!!! America we are CHAMPIONS! I have seen, heard or someone told me about people turning their companies around from making their own products, so they can produce what is essential to many fields who test, take care, responsive to the need of … Continue reading America vs. COVID-19