Daily Prompt: Authentic

Authentic Hi Everyone! When you are looking online and it says authentic - do you believe that statement? Authentic mocha, cocoa, cream straight from local dairy. Cost of this specialty ====== $15.99. Auction house sale of crown worn by queen of Sheba sold for $500,000.99. WOW!! That is a true portrait done by Marion Rose done … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Authentic

Daily Prompt: Inkling

Inkling Hi everyone! Dot: Are you two (2) ready to play the big lottery this weekend? I have an INKLING this lottery will be ours. Abby & Hope: Sure are! Dot: Okay here we go. We have nine (9) numbers to pick, plus a gold one (1) at the end. So I'll pick the first … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Inkling

Daily Prompt: Prudent

<a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/prudent/">Prudent</a>  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Are you prudent in handling your money affairs? Are you prudent when suggesting the cost of items? Do you know anyone that is so prudent in their affairs it drives you bonkers?  ME: Maple showed great judgement in selecting her new gown for her daughter's wedding. NINS: … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Prudent