Hi Everyone! Is worth only about money? art work, gold bars, dollars, coins of value, cars with everything included, top of the line, famous names nobody else can effort, real estate, have a house everywhere you want to visit, New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, England, Paris, Brazil. Or is worth about love, … Continue reading Worth

RDP: Intimate

Hi Everyone! Today is Valentine's day, Thursday February 14, 2019. Do you and any of your friends have intimate conversations? For Valentine's day are you going with your partner to an intimate setting cocktails, dinner, and especially dessert? Now remember an intimate place doesn't have to be an expensive place. It's whatever the two (2) … Continue reading RDP: Intimate

Daily Prompts

Hi Everyone! Conversation Hope: Hello and happy new year! Abby: Hi and happy new year to you too! Hope & Abby: That was the shortest conversation we have ever had!!!! Reservation Abby: Hello! I would like to make a reservation for two at your hotel at the end of January 2018. Hotel representative: Sorry madam … Continue reading Daily Prompts

Daily Prompt: Unseen

Daily Prompt: UnseenΒ  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. HMMMM!!!! What a word for my brain this morning. My friend and I were at a party and all of a sudden I spotted someone standing next to my friend. Below is what can happen when your friend can not see the unseen person YOU can … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Unseen