Hi Everyone! What a mouthful! 😮 Now have you ever been at a concert and all of a sudden there's confetti, paper horns blasting, people yelling more, more, more!!!!That's "brouhaha" Then the leader waved his guitar in the air,Everyone quieted down,One note was played and the band walked off the stage. The crowd was in … Continue reading Brouhaha


Hello Everyone! Hope! How you doing today?Well Abby, to tell you the truth I am so-so today. Don't feel like last night's concert was the greatest or the worse so far this year.Hello Parsley! Did you go to the concert last night? If you did how was it? Abby I would say fair to middling … Continue reading So-So

Daily Prompt: Maddening

Daily Prompt: Maddening Hi everyone! Hope all is well. What a maddening word "maddening" is.  Do you do "maddening" things to others - like: Talk with you mouth full?  Chew celery when talking on the phone? Look around in a restaurant, show, concert instead of paying attention to the people you are with? You hear … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Maddening