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RDP: Pet

Hi Everyone! 

Our pet is a domestic short hair cat, orange, peach colors.

His name is Milo,
He reminds me of Garfield,
The way he walks across my keyboard or in front of my monitor,
The way he eats,
The foods he wants to eat,
The foods he puts his nose up at,
Sometimes he acts like a dog the way he sniffs everything,
Picks up stuff from the floor, have to watch him every minute,
See the source imageHe has an air about him when he walks into a room,
“I’m here, you better pay attention to me!”
He is very “mellow dramatic”

He’s also our pal, buddy, listener, cuddlier, knows when you are feeling blue, senses what you sense, great companion, makes you laugh, drives you bonkers with his running, jumping, you never know where he is going to land.

And most of all he is a talker, he doesn’t hold back on anything. When you enter the door or a room he is in, you better talk to him right away, otherwise he keeps on talking until you answer him. He will follow my son until he answers.

Thank you Milo you are the greatest!

Have a great day! Hope

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Daily Prompt: Glitter

Image result for free clip art glitter transparentDaily Prompt: Glitter Image result for free clip art glitter transparent

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

Oh my gosh! Look at all the colors of glitter down this aisle. What colors shall we choose for St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick is naturally green, gold, red, yellow, purple, orange! Wow the glitter will be flying all over the tables.Image result for free clip art St Patrick day transparent

Don’t forget the pot should be a golden clay color.

I love glitter for all types of occasions. My friends always get even with me when I have their whole desk at work covered including their keyboard. Image result for Glitter Words

I love throwing it up in the air and see where it lands. I also make sure just about every inch is covered.

Glitter makes me smile. When they ask who did it, I say it’s not me with one of those png_alice-in-wonderland-cheshire-catCheshire Cat smiles.

You know what I’m ready to pop glitter all over right now. Bonkers Away! Image result for animated glitter graphicsOn second thought I will wait until my son’s birthday in April.

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