Cartoon Characters

Hello Everyone! Mr. Magoo What a character. No matter what he did it always worked out for him. Jetsons - Gave me a look of what could happen in the future. Gumby & Pokey - the first animated cartoon I saw way back when. They were the first stop-motion characters created and modeled by Art … Continue reading Cartoon Characters


Hi Everyone! So what do you think about this word? Have you dragged out your dictionary? Which search engine did you use? Or did you try all of them to make sure they were all reading the same way? Here's a breakdown of what the word is; Have you ever heard a cat wailing and … Continue reading Katzenjammer

Comic Books

Hi Everyone! Have you ever read a comic book? In my era, we read comic books. Then the wise old world decided comic books should be banned, due to the wording wasn't proper English. And that my friends, the end of a great form of literacy. It was a struggle for some of us to … Continue reading Comic Books