Daily Prompt: Calling

Calling Hi Everyone! Calling all - wait a minute who am I calling? Who are you going to call - Ghostbusters!  Calling Car 54 where are you? Do you have any type of calling of what you want to do in your life? Carpentry is your true calling. Make sure you follow your instincts. There … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Calling

Daily Prompt: Purple

dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/purple  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Purple a color Purple used in song by Prince - Purple Rain Purple is used in names of products, foods,  and of course flowers. And of course many, many other things in the world.  According to Thoughtco.com it's a warm, cool, royalty color, worn by kings, priests and ladies. Have … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Purple

Daily Prompt: Calm

Daily Prompt: Calm  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Calm is a great word for the holidays. We get so stressed out on what to give each other. Will they like the color?  Will they like the style?  Will it fit?  Will they say they "love it"? And then you find out they gave it … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Calm