Grey or Gray

Hello Everyone! Hope: Hi girls, glad you can make it over this morning with all this bonkers snow.Nins, Abby, Mabel, Dot: We're all thrilled. Now where's the hot coffee & tea. Don't forget creamer, sugar, sweetener.Dot: Hey what about my flavored creamer?Hope: Here is it Dot.Mabel: Okay why are we here? Never mind, you are … Continue reading Grey or Gray


Hi Everyone! What the heck? Let me break up the word:Mal = bad or badly,Apert = open, honest, Put them both together you get "malapert" = a bold or impudent person. In other words someone who is "open" or "honest" in a bad way. Do you know anyone that is like that?If you said no, … Continue reading Malapert

Hello Who’s There?

Hi Everyone! Hope: Who's there? Abby: It's me. You told me to be here at 10 am. Dot: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:05 am. Hannah: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:10 am. Ezzie: It's me. You told me to be here at 10:15 am. Now that … Continue reading Hello Who’s There?

Daily Prompt: Froth

Froth Hi Everyone! WOW! Look at all that froth; Beer, Coffee, Bubble machine, Dog's Mouth, Shaving cream, Whipping Cream, Egg whites, Etc, etc, etc! Have a great day! Hope Definition assistance from The Free Clip Art from

Daily Prompt: Swallow

Swallow Hi Everyone! Swallow your pride meaning from The Urban Dictionary "to accept that you have to do something that you think is embarrassing or that you think you are too good to do". Swallow birds: Cave Swallow Cliff Swallow Bank Swallow Barn Swallow Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Bing.comย  Pictures from … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Swallow

Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

Daily Prompt: Lukewarmย  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Hmmmm!!!! Lukewarm - moderately warm Lukewarm - tepid as in bath water or coffee temperature Lukewarm - halfhearted - the play received a lukewarm response from the audience Lukewarm - I was talking so long on the phone my spaghetti & meatballs got cold, not lukewarm, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

Daily Prompt: Percolate

Daily Prompt: Percolate Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Percolate is an old, old, old, word about coffee brewing. I don't even know if they make that kind of coffee maker anymore. When I was younger about an eon ago my mom used to make egg coffee for company. Reason was back then it was … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Percolate