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Aesthetically Appealing

Hello Everyone!

A New World to Play In” is a new Apple Arcade game using the song “Welcome to My World”.

In the commercial as each second changes to a character they are singing
“Welcome To My World”
Welcome To My World sung by Dean Martin in the 1967 as a studio albums.
Welcome To My World written and sung by Jim Reeves.

Welcome To My World was also sung by Eddy Arnold, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson.
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For me this song is “aesthetically appealing!”
As the song plays I close my eyes and find myself and my husband dancing on air. As we dance we smile, share each others happiness, dream of what our future maybe.
Our eyes see the “aesthetically appealing” wonders in the world as we hop on different clouds.

Welcome to my world
won’t you come on in
miracles i guess
still happen now and then

Step into my heart
and leave your cares behind
welcome to my world
built with you in mind

knock and the door will open
seek and you will find
ask and you’ll be given
the key to this world of mine

I’ll be waiting here
with my arms unfurled
waiting just for you
welcome to my world

Have a great day! Hope
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Hi Everyone!

Mable: You are quite a quibbler Hope!

Hope: I am not a quibbler!!
Now let me have my tea in peace!!!

Mable: Really Hope! You must have a very, very, very bitter tea bag in your cup!! Why don’t you add some sugar that will not only sweeten your tea but YOU along with it!

Dot: Girls! Girls! Both of you are driving me bonkers with all your quibble. Come on now, can’t we just enjoy this beautiful morning? Look I see a speck of sun coming through those clouds.

Have a great day! Hope

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