Hi Everyone! Is worth only about money? art work, gold bars, dollars, coins of value, cars with everything included, top of the line, famous names nobody else can effort, real estate, have a house everywhere you want to visit, New York, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, England, Paris, Brazil. Or is worth about love, … Continue reading Worth

Hello! National Days For

Hi Everyone! Yesterday was Labor day Today is National Another Look Unlimited Day -  HOW TO OBSERVE To celebrate National Another Look Unlimited Day, How to observe: find at least one thing to donate, gift or reuse.  Have a clean and green day! Use #AnotherLookUnlimitedDay to post on social media. Please read more at National Day website.   … Continue reading Hello! National Days For

Daily Prompt: Astonish

Astonish Hi Everyone! This statement is so true! How many colors, patterns are you wearing today! That many! Great job!!!!   LOOK UP IN THE SKY!!!!                        Have a day! Hope Assistance from: The Free Dictionary.com Bing.com

Daily Prompt: Willy-Nilly

Willy-nilly Hi everyone! I feel kind of willy-nilly today. How about you? Trying to decide what to do? What to do? What to do? Let's see what do I have to do? Wash and dry clothes Change bed linens Then wash and dry bed linens Cook up some food for dinner Feed Milo, Milo is … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Willy-Nilly