It’s Coming!

Hello Everyone! Have you counted the days to Christmas? Have you marked your calendar with special things you have to do? Wrapping paper,Tissue paper,Ribbons & Bows,Tape for sealing wrapping paper,Make cookie dough,Day to bake cookie dough,Call people that live far away,For snow & ice areas, is there enough salt, shovels okay, maybe need a new … Continue reading It’s Coming!

Christmas is coming!!!

Hi Everyone! One day closer to Christmas. Milo for some reason is more bonkers than usual. Maybe because a new moon is coming next week. Hmmm! Will have to double check my sources to see if anything else is going. My friend's cats have been acting the same way. Something must be in the air. … Continue reading Christmas is coming!!!

Christmas is coming!

Hi Everyone! Milo is waiting for Christmas to come. He is really, really, really trying to be a good boy! So far so good. Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from, Graphics & HP Photo Creations (powered by Rocketlife).