Have you ever? #3

Hi Everyone! Balderdash! So there! I have to say some young people of today, have no idea of what happened years ago when I was a kid. Plus when you try to talk about it, they give me a look - "Oh my gosh we don't want to hear anymore about that era." Wow you … Continue reading Have you ever? #3


Hello Everyone! How do you feel today? Happy, glad, spectacular, wow what a great day. or Do you feel "rowdy"? Interesting word? How many times have you used this word lately? Have you ever used this word?Now if you haven't even heard this word, you might of heard rambunctious. All I can say (write) is, … Continue reading Rowdy

SNOW ☃❄⛄❄

Hi Everyone! This is what I woke up to this morning! No, No, not a snowdrop flower. Snow in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Started Monday evening 1/25/2021 and still snowing Tuesday 1/26/2021. Snow, snow, snow. Everyone seems to be enjoying the snow, we haven't had too much the last couple of years.All those snowflakes put a … Continue reading SNOW ☃❄⛄❄

What Now?

Hi Everyone! Have you heard the news about Humboldt Park Lagoon located in Chicago, IL? If you haven't look what was discovered the other day. Yes, yes, yes!!! It's a real, live alligator just swimming and looking around the lagoon. People of the neighborhood named him "Chance the Snapper". He was spotted Tuesday 7/10/2019 morning. … Continue reading What Now?

Hello Weather!

Hi Everyone! So how is your weather where ever you are? This has been a better rough summer here in Chicago, IL U.S.A. I couldn't believe what came out of my mouth a couple of weeks ago to my neighbor and she agreed. "I would rather have this weather than snow and ice for the … Continue reading Hello Weather!


Hi Everyone! How do you feel today? It is sunny, which means it will be hot and humid here in Chicago, IL USA. Which means I will not be happy today with the weather. BUT at least it is not RAINING. Well, you know what I'll be tickled pink today!   Some people will be … Continue reading Sunny

Daily Prompt: Detonate

Detonate Hello! Hello! Everyone! Due to what is going on in the world including Chicago, IL USA where I live, I can't write about this word. Remember those that have been lost. AMEN! HERS  Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com    

Daily Prompt: Bitter

Bitter Hi Everyone! Hope all is well on this nice sunny day in Chicago, IL USA. Bitter, let's see we have bitter chocolate, bittersweet, bitter tasting   bitter smell, bitter look,   bitter sense (wearing flip flops in the snow), bitter feelings, bitter words.  WOW! That's enough bitterness for me today!  AW!!!! Calming time.  Have a great day! … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bitter

Daily Prompt: Blanket

Blanket Hi everyone! Hope all is well this first day of May, 2017. Today in Chicago, IL USA at 9:30 AM we have a blanket of sun! When you go skiing do you check to see if they have had a fresh blanket of snow when you get there? April showers brings a blanket of … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Blanket