What Now?

Hi Everyone!

Have you heard the news about Humboldt Park Lagoon located in Chicago, IL?

If you haven’t look what was discovered the other day.

Yes, yes, yes!!! It’s a real, live alligator just swimming and looking around the lagoon. People of the neighborhood named him “Chance the Snapper”. He was spotted Tuesday 7/10/2019 morning.

How did he arrive there? As far as we know someone put him in the lagoon. He got too big where ever he lived. They are saying “he” for now until they they get him out of the lagoon.

So who is going to take care of “Chance the Snapper”?

Well here’s Bob AKA “Alligator Bob”. Alligator Bob has laid out traps to catch “Chance the Snapper”. No luck as of this writing.

Keep up with the news on “Chance the Snapper”!

Have a great day! Hope
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Hello Weather!

See the source imageHi Everyone!

So how is your weather where ever you are?

See the source imageThis has been a better rough summer here in Chicago, IL U.S.A.

I couldn’t believe what came out of my mouth a couple of weeks ago to my neighbor and she agreed. “I would rather have this weather than snow and ice for the winter”. See the source imageCan you believe I said that? I am still stunned I said that.

We had a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny break and THEN the heat, humidity, feet melting, sticking to the ground.

Have a great day! See the source imageHope

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summer-sun-clipart-Summer-Clip-Art-112Hi Everyone!

How do you feel today?

It is sunny, which means it will be hot and humid here in Chicago, IL USA. Which means I will not be happy today with the weather. BUT at least it is not RAINING. Well, you know what I’ll be tickled pink today! Ā girls-hat-pink-bow

Some people will be cheerful, upbeat, thrilledĀ twins beachto build sand castles, pleasantĀ See the source imageĀ reading in a hammock, ecstatic theĀ See the source imagerain has stopped for today.

Have a great day! tea-cup-pink-hiHope

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Daily Prompt: Detonate


Hello! Hello! Everyone!

Due to what is going on in the world including Chicago, IL USA where I live, I can’t write about this word.

Remember those that have been lost. AMEN!

HERSĀ bouquet-of-summer-flowers

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Daily Prompt: Bitter


Hi Everyone! Hope all is well on this nice sunny day in Chicago, IL USA.


  • Bitter, let’s see we have bitter chocolate, Image result for free clip art chocolate
  • bittersweet,
  • bitter tastingĀ Image result for free clip art lemon  tasting transparent
  • Image result for free clip art bad smell transparentĀ bitter smell,
  • bitter look,Ā 13125778131634500184Angry-Woman.svg_.hi-www.clker_.com_
  • Ā bitter senseĀ Image result for Flip Flop Clip Art Transparent Background(wearing flip flops in the snow),
  • 142-Angry-Guy-Throwing-Temper-Tantrum-Free-Retro-Clipart-Illustrationbitter feelings,
  • bitter words.Ā Image result for Free clip art angry words transparent

WOW! That’s enough bitterness for me today!Ā 

AW!!!! Calming time.Ā music-notes-clip-art-png-MUSIC

Have a great day! HERSĀ 20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

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Daily Prompt: Blanket


Hi everyone! Hope all is well this first day of May, 2017.

Today in Chicago, IL USA at 9:30 AM we have a blanket of sun!png_12903_rf_clipart_illustration_happy_smiling_sun_cartoon_character

8510-illustration-of-a-woman-skiing-pvWhen you go skiing do you check to see if they have had a fresh blanket of snow when you get there?

April showers brings a blanket of May flowers.Ā Flowers-clip-art-free-clipart-images-clipartwiz-2

grass_strandsThe new township home buildersĀ added some great blankets of sod in front and back of the homes.Ā 


Have a great day! HERSĀ 20080121-underwood-typewriter-poster-1920s

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March 14, 2017

Hi everyone! Hope all is well!

Well it’s Tuesday 3/14/2017 in Chicago, IL USA.Ā Snow 3-14-17 sml 5

SNOW – SNOW – SNOW – SNOW -what more can I say SNOW!

Really can’t complain, we’ve had a better winter here. We were all hoping to by past snow storms. BUT this is Chicago and you never, never, now.

Snow 3_14_17 smlĀ A little sun after mild snow storm.

Had a few inches – not too badĀ Snow 3_14_17 sml 6

Snow 3_14_17 sml 2Ā and it just keeps coming!

It will probably melt this weekend!Ā 

Have a great day! HERSĀ 

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