Hello Everyone! Abby: Are you ready to cosmeticize your room?Hope: Yes,Abby: This is going to be your office correct?Hope: Yes,Abby: Let's cosmeticize!!!! Here comes your chair, Next is your desk with computer setup,Next is your lighting, Next is your filing systems,Next is your paintings, they are bonkers like you,Next is your computer and accessories,Next is … Continue reading Cosmeticize


Hi everyone! Are you getting ready? Got your comfortable shoes ready? Have you picked out the outfit your going to wear? Are you constantly checking the weather report for Friday 11/29/2019? BRAVO! You are now ready to pull up your comfortably chair, have your written list right next to you, open your favorite browser, type … Continue reading Rush


Hi Everyone! Have you ever felt like someone is watching?I looked out my window but didn't see anyone!Then I looked out my front door,Then I looked out my back door,I'm really, really getting nervous! Hmm! I decided to make myself a cup of tea and write down why someone would be watching me. I almost … Continue reading Watching