Did You Know?

Hi Everyone! Did you know Thursday 1/23/2020 is National Handwriting Day?It sure is. Did you know Microsoft released "comic sans" font in 1994? Did you know there are 200,000+ not more than 260,000, this includes individual fonts not families. Family fonts - hmm? Times New Roman Bold and Times New Roman Italic are not the … Continue reading Did You Know?


Hi Everyone! Please pay attention to what I am about to say! Thank you I appreciate your patience in this matter. We are going to have four (4) teams. Pickleball Cards Dice Chess Pieces Is everyone ready? Pick your favorite game piece so we can start the game. Ready? That was fast! Let's begin! Have … Continue reading Sequester

Daily Prompt: Slight, Pedigree, Thin, Infect, Premature

Hi Everyone! Have a few words for you today! Slight Did you see that? Wow! Great slight of hand with the cards. This friend of Dot's means to flatter you, but it comes out like an insult. Pedigree Pedigree of high fashion  Pedigree of the dog world Thin as a pencil! Thin  Stressing makes your hair … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Slight, Pedigree, Thin, Infect, Premature