déjà vu

Hi Everyone! I dreamt about being here in this spot a year ago. Hope: Wait don't cross the street yet!Abby: Why not?Hope: Just wait for the next light.All of a sudden "screech", "screech", "screech". déjà vu What Is The Origin of déjà vu?The late, great social philosopher Lawrence “Yogi” Berra is credited with saying “It’s … Continue reading déjà vu


Hi Everyone! Have you ever missed seeing a pothole? Have heard a big blonk when driving?Have you ever bounced ski high when driving?Then you hear kerplunk?Then you see your tire rim go down the street? We're yelling to our neighbor Tom "pothole, pothole!!"Tom yells back it's only a little "hole!" Oh My Gosh!!!! Where did … Continue reading Pothole


Hello Everyone! The main habit I have to get use to is wear a MASK!!!!As I go out the door my checks are wallet, car keys, house keys, mask!Don't Forget The MASK!!!! No! No! Not a Mardi Gras mask!This is the type you need; or or Plus I make sure there is a scarf in … Continue reading Habits


Hi Everyone!Hoopla? What the heck is hoopla?Let's see. Let's Party! That's my birthday present? Are you kidding me? Have a great day! Hope Clip Art from Bing.comM-W's Word of the Day Merriam-Webster Word Of The Day#Merriam-Webster #Word #hoopla #party #bonkers away #noun #upsy-daisy #whoops-a-daisy

November 24, 2018

Hi Everyone! It's the day after Thanksgiving. How do you feel? Do you feel like you can't move fast?Do you feel like you are ready to rock n' roll?Do you feel like walking around the mall? Just walk, not shopping.If you went to the mall, did you have to walk 3 miles from where you … Continue reading November 24, 2018

Daily Prompt: Simplify

Simplify Hi Everyone! Do you ever wonder why things are so complicated? Do you wish someone out there could simplify instructions, instruction manuals, tax forms, tests for driving, etc? Wait maybe the tests for driving better stay, especially in this day and age! Have a great day! Hope Clip Art From Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Simplify

Daily Prompt: Commit

Commit Hello! Hello! Everyone! Have you ever committed to volunteer and then you quit before you get started? Look over there! Someone is breaking into that car. Do you or your friend feel committed to call the police? Did you finally commit to paint your fence this year? ME: Guess who finally decided to commit … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Commit

Daily Prompt: Uniform

Uniform  Hello! Hello! Everyone! Today is going to one of those hot, sunny, humid days in Chicago, IL USA. Temperature may hit 94 degrees Fahrenheit. All I can say is try to stay cool and drink plenty of water. Did you wear a uniform in school? Do you like to keep everything in uniform order … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Uniform