Hello Everyone! I bet you think chocolate-box is for candy only. Surprise!!!! Chocolate-Box cottage located in the UK.Or you may like this style of a Chocolate-Box cottage Shropshire UK. I didn't realize that each state in the U. S. A. has their own favorite candy for Valentine's Day. Represents other times of the year Happy … Continue reading Chocolate-Box


Hi Everyone! Have you ever walked into a store and think where am I? You can't even see the end of the store. Shelves are from floor to ceiling. There is room to breathe. You don't bump into people looking for what you would like to buy.Are emporiums seasonal? Yes, they can be. Christmas all … Continue reading Emporium


Hi Everyone! Wow! Doesn't that cake look delicious? I wonder how the chef made it? Even if you would ask they do not give away their secret ingredients. The word "nonpareil" did not start out as a cooking, baking word. It started way back in French as "not equal". Pareil comes from a "Vulgar Latin" … Continue reading Nonpareil

Hello Abby’s Ingredients

Hi Everyone!  I thought you might be interested in Abby's recipe for the Hallow Eve ingredients. Hope you enjoy it!  = 8 - cups of sugar,  = 2 - sticks of butter,  = 2 - 12 oz cans of evaporated milk, Add ingredients to non-stick cauldron, if yours is not non-stick make sure you coat … Continue reading Hello Abby’s Ingredients

Hello October!

Hi Everyone! October is here. Time of year for fall weather. Look forward to Halloween. Plus Indian Summer.  Let's not forget the the "tricks" remember no eggs, soap, rotten fruit thrown around. What type of "tricks" = games you can play?  I always looked forward to the great stuff in my era. candy fruit gum  … Continue reading Hello October!

Daily Prompt: Tempted

Daily Prompt: Tempted  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Have you noticed that when you are trying to lose weight, someone comes over to you and tempts you? Come on! Come on! Two pieces of candy won't hurt. Were you tempted? Come on! Come on! We can share a buttered popcorn at the show. Were … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tempted