Hi Everyone! Sweet a taste of honey, Sweet a taste of sugar,Sweet a taste of fresh milk, Sweet a taste of freshly made chocolate chip cookies,Sweet a taste of oatmeal raisin cookies,Sweet Sound of music Bob Sweet's guitar playing, Sweet smell of money, fame, notoriety, Sweet means many, many, many different things in the world. … Continue reading Sweet


Hi Everyone! Wow! Doesn't that cake look delicious? I wonder how the chef made it? Even if you would ask they do not give away their secret ingredients. The word "nonpareil" did not start out as a cooking, baking word. It started way back in French as "not equal". Pareil comes from a "Vulgar Latin" … Continue reading Nonpareil

Daily Prompt: Impression

 Impression  Hello! Hello! Does a unicorn make an impression for you? Do male superheros make more of an impression on you?   Do female superheros make more of an impression on you? What Star Wars Character made the most impression on you?  Who made the most impression on you for dancing contest?   What an impressive cake for … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Impression