Hello Everyone! Hope: On boy! Here comes my favorite "nudnik"! I can't hide, she knows this is my research-blog info day. Nins: Hope I know you're home. I heard you moving around. I have some great information to tell and show today. It's so exciting. Hope: Hang in there Nins, I'm coming, trying to get … Continue reading Nudnik


Hi Everyone! Did you ever wonder what "steampunk" was all about?Science fiction set in an alternate version of historic past, especially 19th-century England, and involving advanced technologies usually based on steam.An aesthetic style inspired by steampunk fiction. Steampunk has become very popular over the years. There are conventions, competitions, shows on television, magazines. Have a … Continue reading Steampunk

Daily Prompt: Awkward

Awkward Hi Everyone! Have you ever had a conversation with a friend, while waiting for others and all of a sudden the person you are talking about appears. AWKWARD! Mabel: Hmm! How do we tell Hope about her - oh hello Hope. Abby:ย  I think she heard us.ย  Hope: So what are you two (2) … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Awkward

Daily Prompt: Pattern Hi Everyone! How all is well. Today we are going with patterns. ย Do you see a pattern? ย Do you see a pattern? Do you see a pattern? Do you see a pattern? You might be thinking I am really bonkers today. How can she be seeing patterns in these pictures? Well as they say … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Pattern