Stocking Stuffers

Hi Everyone! This is the holiday season where you are going from store to store in a mall or several malls.Or you are going from store to store on the internet. Of course we are always looking for the best deal! Right? Right! So you start your shopping with items picked out. You have already … Continue reading Stocking Stuffers


Hi Everyone! Well what do you think of this word, or hyphenated word, or never mind, let's read the definition: of, relating to, or being a situation (such as a game or relationship) in which a gain for one side entails a corresponding loss for the other side Now do you really think you are … Continue reading πŸ€·β€β™€οΈZero-sum❓

Daily Prompt: Renewal

Daily Prompt: Renewal Hi Everyone! Hope all is well on the 3rd day of 2017. It's time to renew driving license,Β  It's time to renew city & state car stickers, It's time to renew wedding vows for 50 years of blissful marriage - bravo to those that are celebrating 50 years in 2017,Β  It's time … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Renewal