Daily Prompt: Bubble

Bubble Hi Everyone!ย  Tiny bubbles in the wine, make me happy, make me fine. Song by Don Ho! How do bubbles make you feel? Try this - sit back, close your eyes, think of bubbles popping. Soft bubbles. Now think of blowing bubbles like you did when you were a child. Now popped them gently … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Bubble

Daily Prompt: Froth

Froth Hi Everyone! WOW! Look at all that froth; Beer, Coffee, Bubble machine, Dog's Mouth, Shaving cream, Whipping Cream, Egg whites, Etc, etc, etc! Have a great day! Hope Definition assistance from The Free Dictionary.com Clip Art from Bing.com

Daily Prompt: Percolate

Daily Prompt: Percolate Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Percolate is an old, old, old, word about coffee brewing. I don't even know if they make that kind of coffee maker anymore. When I was younger about an eon ago my mom used to make egg coffee for company. Reason was back then it was … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Percolate