Hi everyone! Are you getting ready? Got your comfortable shoes ready? Have you picked out the outfit your going to wear? Are you constantly checking the weather report for Friday 11/29/2019? BRAVO! You are now ready to pull up your comfortably chair, have your written list right next to you, open your favorite browser, type … Continue reading Rush

Word of the day – Intricate

Hi Everyone! Hope: Hey Abby have you seen the intricate pattern Hannah has done on her garage wall.Abby: Yes I did. Stopped by her yesterday.Hope: Do you know when she started designing it.Abby: I think about three (3) months ago.Hope: WOW!Abby: It sure takes a lot of patience.Hope: That's why I'm so surprised Hannah did … Continue reading Word of the day – Intricate

Daily Prompt: Elegance

Elegance  Hi Everyone! Abby: Look how she walks down the runway. Such elegance. Hope: Yes I agree with you on this model. Abby: This model is really strutting her elegance!  Hope: I can't believe it. WOW! Abby: Now this one is the one to watch for elegance. Hope: All I can say is this is … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Elegance

Daily Prompt: Mercy

Mercy   Hi Everyone! You are invited to your mom's, in-laws, aunt, friends house for the holidays.Just by driving up to their residence you can tell the love they have for this Thanksgiving Day. Your host welcomes you with open arms.  When you walk in you smell the aromas of turkey, ham, stuffing, pies, hot spice … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Mercy

Daily Prompt: Faint

Faint  Hi Everyone! Did you see that dramatic faint Isabella just did? Do you think she will get the part? Of course she will. She is one of the best fainter's in the acting industry. Local acting that is.  She always thinks someone will come running down the aisle with an Emmy or Oscar in … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Faint

Daily Prompt: Tenacious

 Tenacious Hi everyone! Hope all is well. So what's up with you?  Have you been tenacious lately? What is your latest tenacious comment? Push! Push! Push! What the heck? This stuff is suppose to stick right away and the hook will stay there for 50 years.  It was so sad when I saw her holding … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Tenacious