Quiz Again❓

Hello Everyone! Okay are you ready to get your brain cells going for Tuesday? Dictionary.comQuiz for your tastebuds - ice cream and sherbet I did pretty well, but not a hundred percent. That's okay I learned something new by having three incorrect answers. Now it's your turn to give it a try! Have fun!Hope http://dictionary.com/games/quizzes/this-ice-cream-quiz-is-a-sherbet-to-challenge-tastebuds


Hi Everyone! My quest today is learning how to use WP Gutenberg. I watched two (2) You Tube.com Videos. Pete McPherson for me he was techie Lisa Irby for me user friendlyThey were both great it just depends on your taste's. I feel like my brain cells are all tied up trying to figure out … Continue reading Quest

What’s Happening?

Hi Everyone! So what's happening with you lately? What have I been up to? A little bit of this and a little bit of that. made gloves that don't cover your fingers. AKA fingerless gloves. Of course chatting with others to keep up to date on the world. Searching, searching, searching. Yes I found one of … Continue reading What’s Happening?

Daily Prompt: Deplete

Deplete Hi Everyone!   The water hole for the bison is almost depleted. We will have to haul some in. Watch out for that bison over there, he's very upset.    The latest on the specific farm fish are so depleted, there will not be enough to service restaurants. My brain cells are so depleted, I … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Deplete

Daily Prompt: Incubate

Incubate Hi Everyone! Incubate what a word. Let me think. Incubate Incubate Incubate I think I incubated enough brain cells on this one. Have a great day! Hope A little assistance from The Free Dictionary.com Clip Art from Bing.com