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Bored❓ 😊Try Decoupage 😊

Hi Everyone!

Are you bored?
Are you bored?
Are you bored?


Have you ever tried decoupage?
What is decoupage?
It’s the art of decorating surfaces by applying cutouts.
Sounds interesting.

3D Decoupage

If you know someone who loves to sew.
And if they are doing a lot of sewing of masks for others, this is a cute decoupage set to use.

WOW! This phone brings back memories. Too bad I didn’t save it, I could of “decoupage” it!
Phone from 1970’s

Your relative or friend or neighbor is having a birthday, is retiring, or to thank someone for helping you out.
You can add this fix it man to a new tool box as a surprise gift.

Do you like to garden?
Add gardening decoupage to your items.

The Golden Years!
Remember you don’t have to be in your golden years to dance, dance, dance. I just thought of the song “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. My feet are moving, arms are swaying, shoulders moving.
Alright anyone reading this blog, give it a try and go to search Last Dance by Donna Summers.


Have a great day! Hope
Decoupage word & definition from
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Be safe, be smart, stay 6 feet apart!!

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Are You Bored? 🤔🤔

Hi Everyone!

In this time of not being able to do your daily regiment, are you bored? Is your family bored?

What have you created lately?

By any chance do you like jigsaw puzzles? Jigsaw Puzzles come in all different sizes.
What is your favorite size?
250, 500, 1,000, pieces?
What about the size of the puzzle pieces?
Small or large pieces.
What is your favorite style?

Landscapes, Norman Rockwell, Dowdle, characters from movies, flowers, state fairs, and much more.

You can have a small party – if you have Facetime, Skype, Marco Polo, Google Duo, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Netflix Party. It might be challenging BUT you won’t be bored.

Pull out your albums, school year books, old film tapes. Why? See who you remember, are you still friends, did you marry your high school sweetheart?

Now aren’t you glad your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa were great savers of your things. I know they were embarrassing at one time, BUT now you won’t be bored and they will put a big smile and you will hear yourself laugh.

Have a great day! Hope
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These are trying days for all of us!
Stay indoors,
Need to get out walk with love ones 6 feet apart, don’t forget your mask,
wave to people, smile,
Indoors read, knit, crochet, toss ball, play kazoo, call relatives, neighbors, friends to make sure they are okay, ask if they may need assistance they you might be able to help them out,
Most of all take care of yourself

Remember to wash your hands and send the germs down the drain!

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Hi Everyone!

Hmm bored??
Me bored???
Wow! Bored????

Bored – first meaning I found was make a hole. That is not a meaning I was looking for.
Then I switch to Thesaurus meaning “world weary” bored with life, strolled through a museum with a bored air.
Not showing any type of interest whereever you go – movie, baseball game, football game, soccer, basketball, dinner with friends.

For some reason when I’m writing my blog I think to myself;
Hope your blogs are really, really boring sometimes.
Hope you need to stir up your writing, people are falling asleep.

Zzzzzzzzz. Sorry I knotted off there!
Will have to continue another day.

Have a great day! Hope
“Yawn” – Clip Art from
Bored word definition assistance from The Free “Yawn”

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Daily Prompt: Enroll

EnrollSee the source image

Hi Everyone!
Did you enroll for the flower arrangement class?unusual flower 4
Knitting-Yarn-3Hope: I just enrolled in a knitting class for intermediate. Hope I do okay. You know me I’m still all thumbs with the knitting needles.
Dot: So why are you taking the class?
Hope: I’m getting bored with the beginner patterns.
Dot: You know you just might surprise yourself. Keep me posted.

Abby: Hey Hope! Did you enlist in the swimming try outs?
swim suits vintageHope: No I didn’t. When did they post the information?
ABBY: Last week. Not too many showed up, due to the 6 inches of snow.
Hope: Since some of the snow melted I better get my butt over there. Can’t we enlist online?
Abby: That would be the easy way, especially with the snow. 
Hope: Guess what I just checked online and no more spots are available. You know what I’m going to come and be the cheerleader for our group.
Abby: The next time when I see something posted I will double check to make sure I read the fine print. It would have saved me a trip to enroll with this goofy weather. Better yet I will have you check online for me.

Have a great day! photo-chicago-exhibit-supply-company-photo-for-arcade-card-woman-sitting-profile-on-beach-with-elaborate-bathing-suit-tinted-1920s This is my style.



Definition assistance from The Free

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Daily Prompt: Maddening

Daily Prompt: Maddening

Hi everyone! Hope all is well.

What a maddening word “maddening” is. 

Do you do “maddening” things to others – like:

Talk with you mouth full? Image result for free clip art restaurant transparent

Chew celery when talking on the phone?

Image result for free clip art concert transparentLook around in a restaurant, show, concert instead of paying attention to the people you are with?

You hear a co-worker say I’m sooooooo bored Image result for free clip art office transparentwith my work?

Do we have to go there? It’s not my style of eatery.

What do you mean I can’t wear that type of outfit? Well I never heard of anything like that – I’m not going and that’s it. Image result for free clip art crowd transparent

Have a great day no matter what happens! HERS png_cartoon_girls_005

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Cheshire can be maddening at times