RDP: Angle

Hi Everyone!  I never thought of "angle" being mixed with "angel". Thank you RDP: drkottaway prompt creator for Tuesday. Angle  drkottaway guess what? When searching for clip art for "angle" on Bing.com, it switched my search to "angel". So then I switched from images to all, definitions came up okay.  Then I switched back to clip … Continue reading RDP: Angle

Daily Prompt: Suspicious

Suspicious Hi Everyone! What? Are my eyes deceiving me? What's that suspicious thing crawling? Is it for real? Yes, it's for real. I have seen worms in my life, but never one with a book! Come on! Be quite! It looks very, very suspicious. Are you kidding "Sherlock"? It's a giant raspberry. Thanks for warning … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Suspicious

Daily Prompt: Fishing

Daily Prompt: Fishing  Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Right now I'm fishing around for words to write.  Remember the "fish" they left for "Godzilla" to eat in the movie?  What type of lure do you use for "fishing"? Depending on where you are you may use fancy lures, somewhere else you may use a … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Fishing