Hello November 6, 2018!

Hi Everyone! Well today is November 6, 2018. So what are you up to today? Writing your blog(s)? Taking pictures for your blog(s)?  Checking your spelling for your blog(s)? Checking your grammar to make sure you are using a comma, instead of a period. Or colon: instead of semi-colon: Me I use too many exclamation … Continue reading Hello November 6, 2018!

Daily Prompt: Willy-Nilly

Willy-nilly Hi everyone! I feel kind of willy-nilly today. How about you? Trying to decide what to do? What to do? What to do? Let's see what do I have to do? Wash and dry clothes Change bed linens Then wash and dry bed linens Cook up some food for dinner Feed Milo, Milo is … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Willy-Nilly

Daily Prompt: Construct

Daily Prompt: Construct Hi Everyone! Hope all is well!  Wow! What shall we construct today? blogs are constructed  homes are constructed bridges are constructed cars, trucks, buses, trains, ships, planes are constructed A.I. are constructed humans are constructed Legos, Lincoln logs, K-nex, Mega Bloks are constructed photos, art work, Jigsaw puzzles are constructed  clothes, shoes, … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Construct