Daily Prompt: Provoke

Provoke Hi Everyone! Hope: What has provoked you lately? Abby: The sun provokes me because it comes up earlier. Dot: The birds provoke me because they are starting to chirp more. Nins: The tree leaves are starting to come out and the that noise provokes me. Peg: The neighbor on the left side of me … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Provoke

Daily Prompt: Dim

Dim Hi Everyone! The light bulb is dimming, better get a new one. The lite candle is slowly dimming, it's close to the bottom of the wick. The sun is setting, dimming the sky, Soon the moon will be up, bringing a moonlit night.Β  Each day we dim a little ourselves. Then a surprise comes … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Dim

Daily Prompt: Baby

Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Baby, baby, baby, baby! BABY BIRDS! BABY WHALE!Β  Β BABIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD! BABY DINOSAUR!Β  BABY MONKEY!Β  Who is your favorite baby? Have a great day! HERSΒ  Pictures from Bing.com & Graphics Factory.com